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Your personal sleep coach. Tailored programs of daily habits based on neuroscience.
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Tired of poor sleep?

End the bad sleep cycle

We all know the saying "woke up on the wrong side of the bed". Those grumpy days generally lead to another sleepless night. End the vicious cycle with Aurora.

Skip generic sleep advice

Sleep is personal, so how do you know which of the 100+ sleep tips on the internet are right for you? Let Aurora build your personal sleep program.

No more sleep aids

You might not mind taking a sleep pill once in a while but you don't want it to be forever. Aurora program is designed for sustainable change.
highly personalised

Get a tailored plan backed by science.

Sleep is personal. The solution to finding better sleep must be personal too. Backed by a team of neuroscientist and psychologist, Aurora is able to craft an individualized sleep plan to your needs.

Let’s get started. What is your sleep goal?

How people experience their sleep after Aurora

“BEST SLEEP EVER!! But seriously, I was able to identify why I can’t sleep and the app is helping me make some needed changes.”
“Super long survey at the beginning but I feel like the app knows me as if we’ve been friends since year 1 in school.”
“I would have paid 3x as much for this app. I’m more focused at work and my body feels so much better after a good night of sleep.”
Support by experts

Work with a coach who understands you.

Live coaching sessions

Tackle your sleep challenges together with your own human sleep coach

Personal Relationship

You work with the same coach throughout the entire program so they better understand you

Certified Experts

All of our coaches are certified sleep experts
Step by step

Build habits for better sleep.

Learn about the impacts of daily habits on your sleep through fun activities. Develop these habits to care for your body and mind with consistent quality sleep.

Sleep better by making small changes every day.

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Tailored plan

Everyone is different we focus on what will work for you to get the sleep you need.

Habits for better sleep

Build simple habits that can be incorporated into daily life that are backed by science.

Supported by a coach

Support and motivation by our sleep coaches help you to make the changes to reach your sleep goals.

Better sleep holistically

A holistic approach to a better night of sleep improves your entire life.